Hawliflex Polyurethane Mixer Paddle

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Hawiflex® materials are made to withstand harsh operating conditions. We offer a variety of Hawiflex® elastomer polyurethane products, including mixer wear parts, wear liner sheets, Coneflex concrete funnels and Truckflex double-layer hoses.

Hawliflex® products are:

            • Cut resistant
            • Wear and tear resistant
            • Oil resistant
            • Easy to clean
            • Noise reducing
            • Energy saving

Product Selection

Concrete mixer wear parts

Concrete Mixer Wear Parts

We offer top quality Hawiflex® elastomer polyurethane mixer wear parts for pan, planetary and twin blade mixers for leading mixer brands. Hawiflex® is extremely smooth and durable, and cleans easily with a hose. The Hawiflex® mixer wear parts have a long service life and are extremely wear-and oil-resistant. Our offering includes Arm Guards, Blades and Scrapers.

polyurethan wear liner sheets

Wear Liner Sheets

Hawiflex® Wear Sheets are easy to assemble and can be cut to shape. Replacement plates are available for those high wear areas. The wear lining sheets can be used to protect chutes, mixers, funnels, buckets, loading equipment and more. Non-stick Hawiflex® makes the cleaning process simple.

  • Standard sheets available
  • Flexible and Non-Stick
  • Highly reistant to tears
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Replaceable plates for high wear areas
Hawliflex cone flex concrete funnel


The Coneflex concrete funnel liner has a durable 2-color wear detection system. Hawiflex® polyurethane makes the Coneflex quick and easy to clean. All Coneflex are tailored to your size requirements, to ensure a perfect fit.

  • 2-color wear detection system
  • Easy to change and clean
  • Custom-sized to fit your needs
  • Prolonged service life
  • Highly resistant to tears
Hawliflex double layer hose

Truckflex – Double-Layer Hose

Concrete hoses are used in ready-mix facilities to transfer material from the concrete mixer to the mobile mixer. Most concrete hoses are made of rubber or occasionally PUR and have a seam. The constant high stress from the rough site conditions require materials to be elastic and resistant to wear, oils and exposure to UV rays. The Hawliflex® patented concrete hose does not have seams and is constructed using a material system with two distinctly different colored layers. The inner layer is soft and the outer layer is hard. The two layers work together to provide wear resistance and optimal protection against mechanical damage.

  • Cut-resistant reducing likelihood of damage
  • Lighter material thickness saves costs and attaches easily
  • Color coded layers help indicate wear and when replacement is needed, helping to prevent unexpected downtime
  • No seams or joints increase adhesive bonding
  • Stiff outer layer reduces kinking
  • Better slip properties than those of rubber hoses