Cordless Hydraulic Power System for Collapsible Cores

Precast concrete forms with collapsible cores make it easier to remove the product from the form. However, powering up the hydraulics to retract and expand the core can be a hassle. Typically a large cart carrying a power unit, power cords and hoses must be wheeled to the form. The hoses must be attached to the hydraulics on the form, the unit must be plugged in and once the core moves, everything must be disconnected before the cart can move to the next form. This process not only takes time but it wastes time that could be spent working on multiple forms at once.

Introducing SmartConnect™

an Intelligent Bolt-On Power Unit for hydraulic collapsible cores

Why Choose SmartConnect™?

With SmartConnect™, you have a self-contained hydraulic power unit that is mounted directly on the form. There are no electric carts or cords. The unit is powered by a standard 20 volt – 1/2″ drive cordless drill that uses the same hydraulics to operate the core to open and close.


Save time – at least 10 mins. or more perform!

  • No wheeling of carts around the plant
  • No hosers and cords to connect and disconnect
  • No more waiting – all you need is a cordless drill to operate the unit, allowing you to work on many forms at once
  • Ultimately, your strip-out and set-up will go faster

Increased Safety

  • With no electrical cords strung throughout the plant, tripping hazards are reduced
  • Minimizes potential electrical shock hazards if water is present

Space Saver

  • Eliminating the bulky cart means more open floor space in an already equipment-packed area


  • Works on Afinitas forms up to 7′ x 7′ boxes and manhole form diameters up to 72″
  • Retrofit your existing forms (any manufacturer – see chart on back for technical specifications to consider) or add to new Afinitas form purchases

Quick Payback

  • SmartConnect costs significantly less than a 110V hydraulic cart system
  • When you calculate the productivity gains and reduced safety risks, the system pays for itself in no time (in most cases 3 years or less).

SmartConnect is mounted directly on the form to power the collapsible core hydraulics. The self-contained unit is not dependent on any other equipment except a standard 20 volt – 1/2″ drive cordless drill.

SmartConnect in Action

SmartConnect Open Position
SmartConnect Closed Posiition
Box Form SmartConnect Open-Closed Indicator

Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure (Preset)
Maximum Operating Pressure
Maximum RPM
Minimum Drill Torque
Direction of Rotation
Hydraulic Fluid Viscosity
Hose Diameter
Compatible Hydraulic Cylinder Type
Quick Disconnect Couplings (Provided)
1100 PSI
3000 PSI
5000 RPM
475 in-lbs
ISO 32 or ISO 46
1/4" I.D.
Double Acting Cylinders
Pioneer 4000 Series Manual Connect; (1) ea. Male and Female Quick Disconnect Fitting

SmartConnect™ also works on:

  • Hydraulic power units for hydraulic powered collapsible precast concrete cores
  • Strip assist cores
  • Blockout formers for step pins and lift pins
  • Roll-back form doors
  • Cordless adapter for hydraulic power units for hydraulic powered machines

SmartConnect Resources

SmartConnect Product Sheet


See How SmartConnect Works

Watch Video

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