NEXTGEN Forming Systems

Previous-Style Box Forms

NextGen Form Set Features

  • Same form quality/life span using approx. 25% less steel.
  • Streamlined design reduces floor space needed by approx. 35%
  • Approx. 16″ shorter in height


  • Bolt-down core top with bolt-on access panel
  • Open/Close indicators
  • SmartConnect™ Hydraulic System
  • Adjustable reversible groove/tongue forming pallet
  • Adjustable pallet support stool with receiver cups for 4 x 4 lumber.
    (Standard round pipe legs can be added)
  • Tongue header, open top


  • Roll-Back, open/close form panels
  • V-Groove wheels with sealed roller bearings
  • Two-Sided catwalk with safety doors and anti-slip ladder rungs
  • Standard 18″ form door travel
  • Door open locks
  • Fork Truck pockets (option)
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