Adjustable Magnetic Support Stand for Wetcast Pallets

Pallets play a crucial role in precast concrete product manufacturing. They are the base for concrete forms and provide a stable and level platform for casting.
For this reason, it is extremely important that pallets are well-supported to mitigate safety risks and maintain product integrity. Despite the importance of
well-supported pallets, many producers have traditionally relied upon on homemade methods or multi-step processes that can be unreliable and labor intensive.
Until now!

Introducing SmartJax™

A revolutionary way to firmly stool up pallets inside concrete forms.

Benefits of SmartJax™

Simply Genius!
You will love the speed and convenience of having a single unit to support and secure your pallet. Stand and magnets all-in-one.

Say goodbye to the splintering and unreliability of using wood pieces, PVC or hollow core concrete traditionally used as supports.

our stand is built to last as a heavy steel fabricated weldment.

Multiple hole locations in the support tube make pin-facilitated height adjustment quick and easy.

SmartJax Two Sizes

SmartJax is designed to help you work safer and more efficiently. Perfect for use with wetcast manhole forms and boxes. SmartJax can be used with any form where the pallet needs to be stooled up.

SmartJax Wetcast Forms-Boxes

SmartJax Product Highlights

SmartJax Chart
SmartJax Sizes-Colors
  • 8000 lb. capacity*
  • 12” overall height with adjustment from 12”to 23”in 1” increments – making it simple to size to your requirements
  • 1000 lb. on/off button base magnet for attachment to form sub-base
  • Interchangeable leg tube heights

IMPORTANT: Always consider the dangers when lifting and rolling over product and equipment. Always inspect any lifting device for wear. Afinitas provides a detailed guide to performing safe roll-overs with our controller equipment.

*Depending on pallet design, a minimum of 3 to 4 SmartJax™ (or more) are to be used at all times to support a flat pallet, pallet support stool, joint forming pallet or any combination along with the concrete load.

SmartJax Leg Sizes

SmartJax Size Adjustment Details

11 1/2 inch Tube11 1/2 inch Tube
12 inch19 inch
13 inch20 inch
14 inch21 inch
15 inch22 inch
16 inch23 inch
17 inch
18 inch
SmartJax 23-1/2
23 1/2 inch Tube23 1/2 inch Tube
24 inch24 inch
25 inch25 inch
26 inch26 inch
27 inch27 inch
28 inch28 inch
29 inch29 inch
30 inch30 inch
31 inch
32 inch
33 inch
34 inch
35 inch
SmartJax 35 1/2"
35 1/2 inch Tube35 1/2 inch Tube
36 inch36 inch
37 inch37 inch
38 inch38 inch
39 inch39 inch
40 inch40 inch
41 inch41 inch
42 inch42 inch
43 inch
44 inch
45 inch
46 inch
47 inch
SmartJax 47 1/2
47 1/2 inch Tube47 1/2 inch Tube
48 inch48 inch
49 inch49 inch
50 inch50 inch
51 inch51 inch
52 inch52 inch
53 inch53 inch
54 inch54 inch
55 inch
56 inch
57 inch
58 inch
59 inch
SmartJax 59 1/2"
59 1/2 inch Tube59 1/2 inch Tube
60 inch60 inch
61 inch61 inch
62 inch62 inch
63 inch63 inch
64 inch64 inch
65 inch65 inch
66 inch66 inch
67 inch
68 inch
69 inch
70 inch
71 inch
SmartJax 71 1/2
71 1/2 inch Tube71 1/2 inch Tube
72 inch72 inch
73 inch73 inch
74 inch74 inch
75 inch75 inch
76 inch76 inch
77 inch77 inch
78 inch78 inch
79 inch
80 inch
81 inch
82 inch
83 inch
SmartJax 83 1/2"
83 1/2 inch Tube83 1/2 inch Tube
84 inch84 inch
85 inch85 inch
86 inch86 inch
87 inch87 inch
88 inch88 inch
89 inch89 inch
90 inch90 inch
91 inch
92 inch
93 inch
94 inch
95 inch

SmartJax Accessories

SmartJax Magnet Tool


SmartJax Leg Caddy – Empty

SmartJax Leg Caddy – Filled

Shim Kit (AE-007482 SHMKIT)

Metal shims are material used to fill space between the SmartJax and pallet. They are used for leveling, adding support, or adjusting for better fit.

Shim Kit

SmartJax Resources

Work Safer and More Efficiently with SmartJax

Download Brochure

SmartJax Quantity to Use Guidelines

Download Guide

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