CurePak system

At Afinitas our mission is to provide producers with all the tools and expertise necessary for success. In many markets, a key to the production of the highest-quality concrete products is to ensure the products being produced are able to cure in a heat and humidity-controlled environment.

That’s why we developed our SmartSet Curing Systems that will ensure the proper hydradation of the cement and result in the strongest concrete possible. Our SmartSet Systems include:

  • Direct-fired steam generators for concrete curing
  • Installation and turnkey services
  • Annual on-site service
  • Retrofits and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and preventative maintenance
  • Vast parts inventory
  • Kiln structures
  • Piping and controls
  • Moving floor systems
  • Dedicated technical team

CurePak Is Now Part of the Afinitas SmartSet Curing Offering

Concrete Blocks



Precast concrete products


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Roof tile

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CurePak steam generator

Direct-Fired Curing Systems

Reliable and robust direct-fired steam generators are capable of producing large volumes of controllable, low-cost steam – instantly. Operating at half the cost of traditional boilers, Return On Investment (ROI) can be achieved in two years or less, adding profits to your bottom line.

Benefits of Steam Generation:

  • Reduced Operating Costs – uses half the gas and water required for boilers
  • Increased Production – produces instant steam for nearly 100% thermal efficiency
  • Reliable Performance – operates efficiently and dependably
  • Worker Safety – combustion occurs before water can contact hot air, minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide production
  • Flexible Curing Parameters – ideal for jobs requiring both intermittent and continuous steam production
  • Quiet Operation – generates less than half the decibels of typical of boilers

Available in a high pressure version, up to a maximum of 15 PSI at 5 MMBTUH

Cure Kit A Series Burner


This unique curing system is comprised of a wide variety of solutions that can be customized for any concrete product. We start with our proven, direct fired burner and add the components that best fit your product and curing requirements.

For example, CureKit for block production is designed with our A-series burner, an A-series vaporizer, an AutoFog control system, an AutoFlowX circulation system and an AutoMist misting system. It can also be equipped with an exhaust system to eliminate moisture from the kiln before it is opened, to prevent it from being released into your plant.

Our CureKit system can also be equipped with an AutoFog kiln control panel. During summer months or in a desert climate when a reduced amount of energy is needed for curing, you still need the right amount of moisture during the precast step to avoid spider cracks which can occur when the pipe gets too dry. The AutoFog kiln control panel allows you to easily adjust time and temperature parameters to ensure the highest product strength possible.

Autofog Control Panel


This kiln control panel is designed to “steam” and “hold” a kiln to a selected target temperature, or to intermittently “fog” a kiln. It also has the logic for intermittent control of a misting system. It can do any of these three functions during each “PRE-SET” or “CURE” cycle. A dual setpoint temperature controller dis­plays and controls the kiln tempera­ture during each cycle if the “steam” option is selected.

If “FOG” or “MIST” is select­ed, the on and delay times are pro­grammable to achieve a desired kiln humidity for weekend or “hot sum­mer day” curing.

Auto Flow X curing circulation system


Our revolutionary AutoFlowX circulation system creates even circulation of heat and moisture throughout the kiln which ensures that every pipe is properly cured to achieve optimal strength.

The accurate control of the CurePak’s outlet temperature is criti­cal to curing a wide variety of con­crete products. A very small change in the water flow results in a large change in outlet temperature. The Johnson Control System automatical­ly anticipates thermocouple reaction time during outlet temperature changes. The system also automati­cally compensates for any changes in upstream water pressures or water delivery.

This exclusive outlet temper­ature control system assures accu rate variable control over the quality of the cure steam and avoids the heat losses caused by excess water common in low-output-temperature curing systems.

AutoDry concrete blocks

AutoDry for Block Systems

When your customer requires product that is classified as dry block, our AutoDry System is the solution you need. The depth of dryness is determined by the amount of time the block is cured. As a component of our overall curing system, this versatile dryer will achieve optimal surface dryness without re-handling the block to move it into a separate drying system.

Alternatively, AutoDry can be used as a standalone system. It is ideal for producing block that is going to be treated with an epoxy coating, ensuring a perfectly dry surface for optimal bonding properties.

AutoMist Misting System

Our AutoMist System ensures that your product stays moist before curing. We offer multiple types of misters, based on how much automation and ease of maintenance your process requires.


Canopy Kiln Curing System

The traditional solution to the curing of concrete pipe, manhole and box culverts is the Canopy Kiln System. Utilized in hundreds of factories, the Canopy Kiln System is economical, functional and extremely flexible in that it can be adapted to any type of building or arrangement. Manually operated, the Canopy Kiln is simple to use and even simpler to maintain, with minimal moving and wearing parts. The Canopy Kiln System folds up against the kiln wall throughout the production process, and when the kilns are full, the overhead crane is used to deploy the curtains and cover the concrete pipes, at which point steam may or may not be introduced into the system, depending on the wishes of the producer or the local climate. Look to HawkeyePedershaab and BFS Canopy Kiln Curing Systems for equipment that is:

  • Economical
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Adaptable to any plant layout

Telekiln Curing Systems

The TeleKiln is an accordion-style curtain kiln system that advances over the concrete products in the kiln as they are produced, covering them and keeping the wind and external environment from affecting the curing process. This system is especially popular in warm, windy climates where the ambient temperature necessitates the opening of plant doors, allowing winds to blow across the products in the kilns, drying them out and preventing proper curing. Telekiln can be remote-controlled and includes an optional misting system to keep the concrete products properly hydrated. The system also has the added benefit of operating without tying up the plant’s overhead crane. HawkeyePedershaab and BFS Telekiln curing systems are know for:

  • Immediately covering the pipe
  • Automatic misting system
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Adaptability to any plant layout

Autokiln Curing Systems

The AutoKiln Curing System represents the most advanced concrete pipe and manhole curing system in the marketplace. Tailored to work in conjunction with a moving-floor automatic factory, AutoKiln allows for precise, zoned, computer-controlled manipulation of the temperature and humidity throughout the entire curing process, including pre-cure and post-cure processes. In addition to its ability to fully control the curing process, AutoKiln uses high R-Value, insulated walls and doors to reduce energy usage and prevent corrosive steam or humidity from leaking out of the system and affecting the rest of the factory. Trust HawkeyePedershaab and BFS Autokiln Curing solutions for:

  • Allowing 24-hour continuous production
  • Complete control of the curing process
  • Independent temperature and humidity control
  • Fully automatic operation