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Precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls are structures that divert wate flow away from soil to protect against erosion. The are installed at the outlet of a drain or culvert that functions as a retaining wall and are key components of drainage culverts and bridge sections. Our headwall forming systems are designed in a wide range of size to meet your specific needs.

General note:

  • All equipment is fabricated from ¼” HR steel skin reinforced with 3/8” and ½” steel channel, ribs and gussets to reinforce material as needed to resist the given loads.
  • All equipment goes through an iron phosphate wash prior to being coated with industrial primer and enamel topcoat paint.

Forming System Highlights

  • Form can be designed with:
    • Bolt-together form walls
    • Fold-back form walls with spring assist hinges as needed
  • Core is designed with a solid tapered core mounted to a sub-base frame
    • Any hole formers required for the product can be designed with a mechanical collapsing or a solid tapered core.


  • Hydraulic strip assist cylinders to help strip the product from the solid tapered core.

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