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Our box forming systems are used to produce monolithic bases, extended bases, risers, combinations or bases and risers and slab tops. The forms are custom-designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Forming System Highlights

  • Fabricated from 1/4″ HR steel skin reinforced with 3/8” and ½” steel channel, ribs and gussets to reinforce material as needed to resist the given loads.
  • All equipment goes through an iron phosphate wash prior to being coated with industrial primer and enamel topcoat paint.
  • Box form sets include an inner core, an outer jacket, pallets and headers designed to the customer’s product specifications.

Key Features

Fold Back Form Design

One-Piece Form Design

Two-Piece Form Design

Roll-Back Form Design

One-Piece Hinge Open Form Design

Form Top


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