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Magnetic Side Rail Systems are perfect for use with our flat casting tables. Magnetic side rails are an effective means for producing a multitude of products, including walls and slabs while extending form life (eliminating bolt holes or welding form work in place). They provide a flexible and durable means of locating rails to meet variable product needs.

Forming System Highlights

  • We have engineered bolt-down or magnetic systems, depending on your needs.
  • Magnetic side rails are most effective on casting surfaces that are made from 3/8″ or thicker skin
  • Magnets are available as 0.5-ton, 1-ton and 2.5-ton
  • Typical Side Rail lengths run from 5′ to 20′ long sections but we can easily accommodate custom lengths
  • Bolt-on risers are available to go with the side rails to allow producers to cast multiple different heights
  • Chamfer available to be fitted to both top and bottom edges
  • Custom side rails available to produce non-continuous flat sides such as H beams or T beams.

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