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Through its New Hampton Metal Fab brand, Afinitas offers a complete range of single pour and battery-style wetcast grade ring forming systems designed to help you maximize efficiency in your concrete grade ring adjustment systems.

Whether you require round (manhole grade ring forms) or rectangular (catch basin grade ring forms), Afinitas has a system that can withstand the harshest storm and sanitary sewer conditions.

The battery grade ring systems are available as two-piece or three-piece forms, and come standard with a collapsible core but a hydraulically collapsing core is available as an option. The system also includes a flat pallet that can be flame-cut or machined.

Forming System Highlights

  • The forms are fabricated from 1/4″ HR steel skin reinforced with 3/8” and ½” steel channel, ribs and gussets to reinforce material as needed to resist the given loads.
  • All equipment runs through an iron phosphate wash prior to being coated with industrial primer and enamel topcoat paint.
  • The box formwork sets include an inner core, an outer jacket, pallets and headers that are designed to the customer’s product specifications.

Key Features

Battery grade ring forms include a form, core and flat pallets designed to the customer’s specifications.

Form Options:

The forms are available in a two-piece or three-piece configuration.

  • With the two-piece design the top section is secured with toggle clamps and comes loose when stripping the product.
  • With the three-piece design, the sides fold down when stripping the product and there are no loose pieces.

Core Options:

  • The battery grade ring form core comes standard with a manual collapsing core.
  • A hydraulic collapsing core is available as an option.

Flat Pallet Options:

  • The forms are available with flame cut interior diameter/outer diameter flat pallets that are designed to customer’s specifications.
  • Another option is fully-machined rings that make key lock pallets.

Other System Options:

  • Manual roller table engineered with  core guide bars to aid in stripping the battery grade ring core.
  • Roll-back core designed so that the entire core is mounted to a rollback frame to assist in stripping the core from the product.
  • Also available is the option to add vibrator channels and brackets that are fixed to the form and can accommodate either electric or pneumatic vibrators.

Manhole Forming Systems

See our complete offering of cone, base, riser manhole forming systems from the Afinitas New Hampton Metal Fabrication brand.

Manhole Forming options


See how the Battery Grade Ring form works.

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