Spillman EZY-STRYP® Magnetic and Plastic Chamfers

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Chamfers are used to create precisely bevelled chamfer formation in precast concrete products.

The Spillman Ezy-Stryp® magnetic magnetic steel chamfers are fabricated from C1018 cold-rolled steel that is milled out to allow for the permanent installation of magnets. Steel magnetic chamfer is available in 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” versions and are all 10’ long. Using the same basic steel chamfer, we can also furnish reveals with the magnets in the hypotenuse.

The EZY-STRYP® plastic chamfers are manufactured with 90 durometer urethane in 8’ lengths. All three sizes are also available in 60 meter material or in 10’ lengths. The 90 durometer plastic chamfer material is excellent in long line and straight uses and can also be used in a majority of large radius curved and round applications. As a custom order, 1/2” and 3/4” plastic magnetic chamfer is available in 60 durometer hardness where the chamfer needs to be used in a tight radius curved or round forming application.

Product #1722 Made in Germany by Weckenmann.

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1723-65-10Plastic Flexible1601" x 10'
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1723-65Plastic Flexible1601" x 8'
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1723-60-10Plastic Flexible1603/4" x 10'
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1723-60Plastic Flexible1603/4" x 8'
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1723-50-10Plastic Flexible1601/2" x 10'
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1723-50Plastic Flexible1601/2" x 8'
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1722Plastic Rigid1903/4" x 4'
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1723-65-10-90Plastic Rigid1901" x 10'
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1723-65-08-90Plastic Rigid1901" x 10'
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1723-60-10-60Plastic Rigid1903/4" x 10'
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1723-60-08-90Plastic Rigid1903/4" x 8'
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1723-50-10-90Plastic Rigid1901/2" x 10'
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1723-50-90Plastic Rigid1901/2" x 8'
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1724-65Steel160, 901" x 10'
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steel160 901-x-10
1724-60Steel160, 903/4" x 10'
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steel160 903-4-x-10
1724-50Steel160, 901/2" x 10'
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steel160 901-2-x-10