Spillman PLASCLIPS® Plastic Spacers

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Spillman Plasclips® plastic spacers can be used in most reinforced concrete applications for supporting both vertical and horizontal steel. Plasclips® are ideally suited for either precast or on-site concrete applications and are designed to accommodate rebar sizes from #2-#6 and up to 20mm.

Key Benefits

Ideal plastic wheel spacer for use with mesh, wire, spiral cages and rebar.

  • Patented technology
  • Cover 3/4″ to 3″
  • Made in the USA from recylcked HDPE
  • Large inventory ready for same-day shipment

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Spillman PLASCLIPS® Plastic Spacers

Part NumberDescriptionCoverQty per Box/Bag/DrumReinforcement TypeBox/Bag/Drumhf:att:pa_coverhf:att:pa_reinforcement-type
1735Plasclips 20PCN163/4"1000/bagRebar 2-5
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1736Plasclips 25PCN201"1000/bagRebar 2-6
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1737Plasclips 30PCN201-1/4"1000/bagRebar 2-6
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1738Plasclips 40PCN201-1/2"500/bagRebar 2-6
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1739Plasclips 50PCN202"500/bagRebar 2-6
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1739APlasclips 60PCN202-1/2"500/bagRebar 2-6
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1740Plasclips 75PCN203"500/bagRebar 2-6
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