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Funds will advance concrete technologies and the industry

  ST. LOUIS, MO — July 16, 2020 — Afinitas, the leading global infrastructure equipment and services company, in partnership with County Materials Corporation and Northern Concrete Pipe, Inc., made a combined donation of $40,000 to the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA)’s Research and Education Foundation during its annual meeting (held virtually) on May 4 and 5. The donation is part of Afinitas’ new Industry Advantage Awards Program and was made as an “Oliver Delery Pledge,” which means 100 percent of the donation will be used for programs that will advance the industry’s market share.

The Industry Advantage Awards Program, which Afinitas piloted with County Materials and Northern Concrete Pipe, was developed as a way for precast concrete industry members to unite in a common mission of advancing the industry and the next generation of concrete producers. The goal of the program is to encourage investment in new equipment and technologies that will benefit the industry. When producers purchase Afinitas equipment that results in efficiencies, increased product quality or savings, Afinitas will donate a percentage of the sale to the industry association of the producer’s choice.  As proud ACPA members, County Materials and Northern Concrete Pipe, who both purchased new Afinitas equipment this year, graciously matched Afinitas’ two $10,000 donations to provide the ACPA with a combined total donation of $40,000 for its foundation.


I know how grateful Oliver would have been for such a generous donation. I speak on behalf of both the ACPA and the industry when I say thank you to Afinitas, County Materials, and Northern Concrete Pipe for your contribution.”

Kim Spahn, President of ACPA's Research and Education Foundation

“This group’s Oliver Delery Pledge honors one of our industry’s more passionate members who we lost this last year,” says Kim Spahn, President of the ACPA’s Research and Education Foundation. “As a personal friend and mentor, I know how grateful Oliver would have been for such a generous donation.  I speak on behalf of both the ACPA and the industry when I say thank you to Afinitas, County Materials, and Northern Concrete Pipe for your contribution.”

“We know the work of ACPA is vital, as it is a driving force behind improvements, research and development, education, regulations, and so much more that advances the industry,” said Brad Schmidgall, Afinitas CEO. “We are honored to offer this program and support   ACPA in its mission to further our industry’s growth and viability through its valuable programming and resources.”

County Materials, headquartered in Marathon, WI, has partnered with Afinitas to install equipment for several pipe plant upgrades in recent years to increase capacity. “We are proud to support ACPA in conducting the important research and education they do to ensure that concrete pipe remains the product of choice used in building our nation’s infrastructure,” said Tim Sonnentag, President of County Materials. “We know the work they do will help the engineering community understand the many advantages of using the most durable and resilient drainage pipe on the market.”

Similarly, Northern Concrete Pipe, headquartered in Bay City, MI, has made significant investments in equipment that will increase efficiencies and productivity.

“We are committed to supporting ACPA in its efforts across our nation,” said Bill Washabaugh, President of Northern Concrete Pipe. “As part of the ACPA Executive Committee, I witness firsthand the important work they do, and it motivates us to do even more to help them help the people of our industry become stronger. As we face future challenges relating to labor, the economy, and plastic pipe, our support ensures that our industry partners receive the necessary tools and hands-on training needed to succeed.”

As producers nationwide continue to invest in new technologies from Afinitas, the company hopes to expand its awards program and make even more funding available to benefit the industry.



County Materials Corporation is proud to celebrate nearly 75 years in business. The family-owned, American-based manufacturing company is an industry leader and trusted resource for concrete construction and landscape products, supplying products for growing communities across the country. Its headquarters are in Marathon, WI, where it was founded in 1946. The company employs more than 1,500 people in 40 locations throughout six states including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Florida. Follow County Materials Corporation on LinkedIn for updates about the company’s latest concrete innovations and charitable activities. For more information visit



Since 1958, Northern Concrete Pipe, Inc. has been a leader in the precast concrete industry. Its production, engineering, sales, and distribution staff operate from five manufacturing facilities located in Michigan and one in Ohio. Northern manufactures and distributes concrete products that support critical infrastructure.



 The American Concrete Pipe Association was originally conceived in 1907 by a small group of concrete farm drain tile manufacturers as the Interstate Cement Tile Manufacturers Association in Ames, Iowa. The group needed some means of exchanging ideas and establishing a high quality, standardized products. In 1914, the organization was renamed the American Concrete Pipe Association. Throughout the 20th century, the concrete pipe industry has experienced tremendous growth. As more and more people moved from farms to cities, it created increased demand for concrete sewer and drainage products. The introduction of the automobile and subsequent highway development extended the uses of concrete pipe storm drains and culverts. There are currently over 400 plants operated by ACPA members in the United States and Canada. Over 40 countries are represented in the membership of the American Concrete Pipe Association. ACPA’s international headquarters are located in Irving, Texas USA.

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