Afinitas is Smart About Forming

Intelligence in everything we build.

Whether it is a formwork system for your next project or tools to make plants safer and processes simpler, count on Afinitas to add innovation into everything we deliver. For example, our NEXTGEN forms provide the same quality and durability as previous forms, but require less steel and floor space. And our line of “smart” tools will speed up production while keeping your workers safe. At Afinitas, our goal is to take you where you want to grow.

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SmartConnect™ Hydraulic Power System for Collapsible Cores
Powered by a standard cordless drill — safer, easier and saves time and space!

SmartJax Pallet Stooling Product


NEW! Adjustable Magnetic Support Stand for Wetcast Pallets

Product Hightlights

  • 8000-lb Capacity
  • 12″ Overall height with adjustment up to 18″ tall in 1″ increments – making it simple to size to your requirements
  • 1000-lb  on/off button base magnet for attachment to form sub-base
  • Interchangeable leg tube heights

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SmartRoll™ Form Brake Controller
Intelligent Safety Brake reduces form swinging up to 90%.

NextGen Forming Systems

NextGen Manhole Cone Form

Next Gene Cone Form

NextGen Box Form

Efficient Forming that:

  • Uses 25% less steel
  • 50% less floor space
  • 16″ shorter

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NextGen Flared End Form

Next Gen Flared End Form

Increase Production Efficiency with Afinitas Products

Plastic Spacers and Magnets

Afinitas  continues to offer the most extensive line of wheel spacers under its Plaswheel® trademark. Plaswheels® are the most universally accepted spacer available as they can be used for both wire mesh and rebar and are molded in a wide variety of covers.

Forming Systems

Spillman has been a trusted and active member of the precast concrete industry for decades. Together with New Hampton Metal Fabrication, they bring unmatched engineering know-how and experience to producers of a wide range of infrastructure applications.


Access our videos, case studies and brochures to learn more about the products and services the Afinitas Forming Systems Division, which features New Hampton and Spillman brands, provides to the pipe, precast and prestressed concrete market.