Slabflex wetcast system

The BFS Slab-Flex production system for wetcast concrete slabs is a modular system that provides everything you need, from a simple entry-level machine up to a fully automated production line with climate-controlled curing and a robotic packaging station. Your system can be assembled specifically for your needs using the following components:

Auto Concrete Metering

Release Agent Spray System

Vibration Systems

Automatic Demolding

Surface Coat Systems

Slab Turner

Mold Cleaning Station

Concrete Products

The BFS Slab-Flex is ideally suited to produce:

concrete slab product example


concrete veneer emd product


slabflex special concrete products

Special Products

Typical Slab-Flex Line for Regular Slabs

Slab-flex dosing

Dosing Techniques

Slab-Flex allows you to perform dosing by either weight or volume (depending on your specific needs) with reliable accuracy.

BFS CreaVib vibrating table

Perfect Compaction with CreaVib

BFS is known worldwide for its vibrating technology, and CreaVib continues that tradition with equipment that can be customized to your dimensions  and requirements.  CreaVib uses a hydraulic clamping device and precise leveling system optimized by FFM calculation programs.

The process ensures efficient production of individual products as the individual molds are fixed on standardized pallets which are moved by roller conveyors, crane robots or handling systems to the vibration table. Individual vibrating programs are applied to each specific product for optimal concrete compaction. It’s an economical way to produce many types of products in the highest quality.

Slab-flex mold cleaning release spraying

Quick  Cleaning – Accurate Spraying

Our innovative design allows you to clean the mold without slowing down production while also preparing for the next step in production.

Mold Cleaning

Our process makes it simple. Because the filling of the molds is so precise, extra concrete waste granules or pellets are automatically removed during the running process.

Release Spraying

Our specially designed spraying pistols with adjustable spraying directions (optional) ensure exact spraying in the mold. In addition, an exhaust system housing can be added for the hole spraying unit to eliminate fog or mist from forming around the mold.

slab-flex features

Other Slab-Flex Features

  • Automated demolding system
  • Surface coating systems
  • Slab turner
  • Mold cleaning station
  • Packing station
  • Option for separate wet and dry line
  • Automated packing unit
  • Robotic stacking unit

Special Product Production

Scroll through the flexible modules that accommodate a variety of molds, designs, dimensions and materials.

Special Products Production
Special Products Production

Crane handling with large steel pallets

Special Products Production
Special Products Production

Concrete feeding

Special Products Production

SCC doser for large products

Special Products Production

BFS product turning unit for blocks

Special Products Production

Line for special blocks in PUR - molds

Special Products Production
Special Products Production
Special Products Production
Special Products Production

Finished product

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The economical way to produce an infinite range of wetcast products.

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