HawkeyePedershaab PipePro concrete pipe machine

Flexibility, high output and automation to produce most of a typical concrete plant’s requirements is what you can rely on from Afinitas’ HawkeyePedershaab PipePro machine. Equipped with HawkeyePedershaab’s patented Multiform Modules, the PipePro machine manufactures up to four or eight concrete pipe (depending on the machine model) with each index of the machine. In our experience, PipePro’s combination of versatility and productivity is unmatched by any other concrete pipe machine. For example, producers can use the PipePro as a powerful stand-alone machine or integrate it into a fully labor-saving factory complete with automated post processing and handling equipment, testing, and curing systems.

Concrete Products


The PipePro machine is ideally suited to produce:


Depending on the machine model, a typical PipePro plant offers an annual production capacity of 70,000-80,000 tons of product in a one-shift operation.


  • HawkeyePedershaab PipePro XT
  • HawkeyePedershaab PipePro 96
HawkeyePedershaab PipeProPipePro XTPipePro 96
Product Dimensions300mm to 1800mm diameter (12" to 72" diameter)300mm to 2400mm diameter (12" to 96" diameter)
Product Lengthsup to 3.5M (12')up to 3.5M (12')
Maximum Multiforms by Machine
Singleformup to 72" diameterup to 96" diameter
Duoformup to 30" diameterup to 48" diameter
Triformup to 24" diameterup to 39" diameter
Quadformup to 18" diameterup to 30" diameter
SixPakup to 24" diameter
EightPakup to 18" diameter

PipePro Machine Key Advantages

PipePro machine PLC controls

Fully Automatic Operation

With the PipePro, sophisticated programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware and software algorithms expertly manage your production cycle. Operation starts with a simple, menu–driven display screen that makes it easy to enter machine settings and product sizes. The PipePro machine takes it from there:

  • A pan-type swipe feeder automatically positions over the form in the fill station and begins to feed and consolidate concrete by vibration into the form set.
  • The PLC stores feed rates and vibration settings for each product type.
  • PipePro’s carousel-style presshead picks and presses stay-in-place headers into the filled form set to form the spigot. The placement, pressing and troweling operations are completely automatic.
  • Finished concrete pipe can be automatically offborne from the machine or manually removed with an overhead crane.
  • Products are securely transported to the curing area within the form’s external jacket.
PipePro Three Station Turntable

Three Station Productivity

The PipePro’s three-station turntable design collapses the filling, pressheading and stripping steps to fast-track the production cycle and increase output. Further, PipePro allows three different concrete pipe sizes or shapes to be manufactured simultaneously. This means with PipePro you are able to produce any combination of round, arch, and elliptical pipe as well as jacking pipe and manholes.

PipePro Multiforms

 Multiforms Expand Output

HawkeyePedershaab’s patented multiform modules are available to further boost output. Up to eight pipes can be produced in a single form module. Depending on the machine model and product diameter, the PipePro can produce up to 100 pipes per hour.
PipePro Quick Form Changeover

Quick Form Changeover

For speedy changeovers, simple, quick-disconnect attachments and modular forming components eliminate the need for time-consuming form-to-machine adjustments and alignments. With the PipePro forms can be changed in as little as thirty minutes.
PipePro spigot

Consistent, Repeatable Results

PipePro’s computer-controlled feed rates and vibration settings are specific to each concrete product type to ensure quality. In addition, the PipePro’s pressheading system utilizes stay-in-place headers for smooth, dimensionally accurate spigots every time.

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