Concrete Pipe Machines

HawkeyePedershaab | BFS

Afinitas offers equipment from the world’s leading concrete pipe machine manufacturers, HawkeyePedershaab and BFS, providing concrete pipe making machines that offer versatility, high output, automation and, of course, top quality.

Concrete Pipe Manufacturing Machines

From concrete pipe production machines featuring rising core vibration technology to electronic, gearless drive packerhead concrete pipe machines and three-station rotary turntables, we help precast concrete producers maximize their efficiency and labor with reliable, repeatable results.

Our featured concrete pipe making products include leading models from trusted concrete pipe making machine manufacturers that have been in business for 100+ years. Here, you’ll find a variety of concrete pipe making machinery, including equipment for high-volume products runs, designed to save you time and money in the manufacturing process. Learn more about each of our featured concrete pipe making machines below.

  • ePak Packerhead Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab ePak electronic direct-drive packerhead machine is ideal for high volume production of round concrete pipe and manhole risers.
  • Souveraen Machine SeriesBFS

    This highly flexible, high performance concrete pipe machine produces superb reinforced and non-reinforced pipe with excellent inner and outer surfaces.
  • PipePro Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    HawkeyePedershaab PipePro combines automation, output, and three-station versatility to mass-produce a wide variety of concrete pipe and manhole sizes simultaneously.
  • VIHY Mastermatic Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab VIHY Mastermatic concrete pipe production machine offers a unique rising core compaction technology that maximizes pipe output and quality.
  • PipePlus Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus has a rotary, three-station turntable that delivers versatility and high output. Its robust capabilities make it perfect for both the start-up and experienced company.
  • Prima Wetcast Automation SystemAfinitas

    The Prima wetcast automation system is a cutting-edge production management system that brings assembly line efficiency to wetcast production.
  • VIHY Masterflex Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab VIHY Masterflex is an all-round machine to produce concrete pipes and manholes with circular and non-circular cross sections.
  • VIHY Kastmaster Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab VIHY Kastmaster enables production of manholes and concrete pipes with production-line efficiency.
  • VIHY Multicast Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    One of HawkeyePedershaab's most versatile machines for manufacturing all types of precast concrete products.
  • Jumbo Machine SeriesBFS

    BFS Jumbo provides flexible and efficient production of concrete pipes and manholes with diameters up to 4,000 mm.
  • VUP/CAP Machine SeriesHawkeyePedershaab

    The HawkeyePedershaab VUP/CAP is a flexible, large diameter drycast concrete production machine that can make a wide variety of products.
  • Atlantic Machine SeriesBFS

    BFS Atlantic offers efficient manhole and pipe production up to DN 2,000 mm with first-class quality and extremely short production cycles.
  • Karibic Machine SeriesBFS

    The BFS Karibic is a fully-automated system for manholes, concrete pipes and many other concrete products. Depending on the mold equipment, Karibic produces products by mono or duo process.
  • Ecoresist Concrete Pipe Liner SystemBFS

    The BFS Ecoresist concrete pipe liner system is made of corrosion-resistant polymer making it a top choice for waste water systems.