Plant Support Equipment

HawkeyePedershaab | BFS

Afinitas furnishes a full range of HawkeyePedershaab and BFS concrete plant equipment to support your entire manufacturing plant. All this plant equipment has been specified, designed, or manufactured by our HawkeyePedershaab and BFS technical teams. With Afinitas, you can be sure that each segment of your plant has been appropriately engineered, sized, and installed to seamlessly integrate with your overall concrete products operation. Afinitas’ comprehensive offering in all areas of concrete product production streamlines the installation process and ensures reliable, ongoing support and service.

  • D-Load TesterHawkeyePedershaab

    Accurate, safe, convenient testing for round, elliptical and arch concrete pipe.
  • Hydrostatic TesterHawkeyePedershaab

    Machine to accurately and conveniently test concrete pipe using the ASTM C497 and C443 hydrostatic test methods.
  • Concrete Pipe TippersHawkeyePedershaab

    Safe and effective tipper equipment to handle a variety of product sizes and applications.