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Afinitas brings you a simple, dependable, easy to operate, concrete pipe and manhole machine with its HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus. The PipePlus machine is available with multiform modules and manufactures pipe in numbers that rival more expensive machines. Furthermore, the PipePlus features production flexibility and 10-minute form changeovers, which allows producers to schedule in special orders and keep yard inventories low.

Concrete Products


The PipePlus machine is ideally suited to produce:


Depending on the machine model, a typical HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus plant offers an annual production capacity of 60,000-70,000 tons of product in a one-shift operation.


  • HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPlus
  • HawkeyePedershaab PipePlus 96
  • HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPlus Compact

Other models available upon request.

HawkeyePedershaab PipePlusPipePlusPlusPipePlus 96PipePlusPlus Compact
Product Dimensions300mm to 1800mm diameter (12" to 72" diameter)300mm to 2400mm diameter (12" to 96" diameter)300mm to 1800mm diameter (12" to 72" diameter).
Product Lengthsup to 3.5M (12')up to 3.5M (12')up to 3.5M (12')
Maximum Multiforms by Machine
Singleformup to 72" diameterup to 96" diameterup to 72" on one station and 60" on other two stations
Duoformup to 30" diameterup to 48" diameterup to 24" diameter
Triformup to 36" diameter
Quadformup to 18" diameterup to 30" diameterup to 18" diameter
SixPakup to 24" diameter
EightPakup to 18" diameter

 PipePlus Machine Key Advantages

PipePlus concrete pipe machine simple operation

Simple Operation and Maintenance

Afinitas understands the need for efficiency in your operations. For this reason, we use off-the-shelf components wherever possible to make the PipePlusPlus easy to run and maintain. Here’s how it works:

  • A concrete distributor chute automatically adjusts to the form size in the fill station and begins to feed concrete into the form.
  • The feed rates and vibration settings are stored in the PLC for each product type (manual control also available).
  • After the tongue former is placed in the filled form set, the PipePlusPlus pressheading cycle automatically commences.
  • The presshead presses the tongue former to form the spigot, trowels the joint surface, and returns to the home position for the next pipe.
  • For added flexibility, concrete pipes can be offborne from the PipePlusPlus machine with an automatic or conventional overhead crane.
PipePlus machine is productive, versatile, flexible

High Productivity, Flexibility and Versatility

The PipePlus three–station turntable design collapses the filling, pressheading, and stripping steps to fast-track the production cycle and increase output. In addition to being efficient, the turntable allows the simultaneous production of three different pipe sizes and shapes. PipePlus can manufacture arch, round, elliptical and jacking pipe, as well as a full range of manhole products and catch basins.
PipePlus Multiforms

Expanded Output with PipePlus Multiforms

HawkeyePedershaab’s patented multiform modules allow up to eight pipes to be produced in a single form. The result  is that depending on the machine model and product diameter, the PipePlus can manufacture up to 100 pipes/hr with multiforms. This superior output has made PipePlus a top choice among producers around the world.
PipePlus pins easily pull out for quick form changeover

Quick Form Changeover

Thanks to the machine’s speedy, 10-minute form changeover, PipePlus boasts exceptional short-run capability. In effect, all you have to do is pull a pair of pins and disconnect the vibrators. Next, simply remove the form and enter a new one into production. That’s it.
Arch concrete pipe produced by PipePlus machine

High Concrete Product Quality 

With the PipePlus machine you have variable feed rates and vibration settings specific to each product type to ensure a quality product no matter what is being made. In addition, the PipePlus pressheading system utilizes stay-in-place headers for smooth, dimensionally accurate spigots every time.

PipePlus Compact makes upgrades simple

Upgrade Your PipePlus with Ease

Our PipePlusPlus Compact model makes it simple to replace your existing PipePlus machine. In fact, it fits into your existing pit and utilizes your existing form and joint rings. Even better, PipePlusPlus Compact features new, advanced control technology and machine upgrades that will boost your productivity, including:

  • A free-standing control console with a programmable logic controller that provides complete command over all operations.
  • Advanced electro-hydraulic and pneumatic controllers for push-button operation.
  • Automatic pressureheading.
  • Semi-automatic filling with computer-controlled feeding.
  • Articulated header placement jib with an enlarged swing radius to pick headers from three stacks and allow an oil dip tank to be incorporated into the system.

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