BFS Universal machine

Afinitas offers this modular BFS Universal system as an ideal choice for rapidly growing precast concrete markets, as it can be expanded gradually, whenever necessary. Consequently, production can begin with a modest investment and, as demands increase, BFS equipment can be added to build a highly productive plant. Even in its most basic configuration, the BFS Universal guarantees the highest levels of concrete product quality.

Concrete Products


The  BFS Universal machine is ideally suited to produce:

BFS Universal Riser ProductsCone ProductsSquare Products
Product Diameters800-1500mm (60")800-1200mm (50")up to 1000x1000mm (40"x40")
Product Lengthsup to 1300mm (50")

BFS Universal Machine Key Advantages

Universal Simple Maintenance

BFS Universal is Easy to Maintain

The BFS Universal is engineered to be almost maintenance-free.  Universal is designed with a sturdy, rigid construction that consists of the following parts:

  • Concrete Feeding Unit
  • Mold equipment and Accessories
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • Electric Control System
  • Pressing Arm
BFS Universal Concrete Feeder

Efficient Feeding

The BFS Universal’s concrete feeding unit operates using a conveyor belt with a concrete holding hopper. The unit has a  base frame for mounting on the floor with a ball bearing. In addition, the feeding unit swivels manually using a conveyor belt drive that is equipped with an electronic control system.

BFS Universal Presshead arm

Hydraulic Press Arm

The BFS Universal’s main frame has a mounted press arm, with a hydraulically powered swivel motion. Universal uses a mounted spigot former presshead, with a mounted press turning gear for the spigot forming ring, and a presshead mounting bracket.

Universal Mold Equipment

Robust Mold Equipment

The BFS Universal system features an inner mold and outer mold with accessories and a lifting beam that is useful for concrete product handling. The Universal is designed with a vibrating system with central vibrators that  are mounted in the mold core. A frequency converter can be added as an option.

BFS Universal Electric Controls

The Universal’s electric control system for the manual control of the press arm is designed for 230/400 V, 50 Hz.

BFS Universal Resources

BFS Universal is a flexible machine that can expand to fit your business needs.

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