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Afinitas knows a versatile piece of a equipment can be invaluable to your operations. That’s why  the BFS Jumbo has become a trusted machine for the production of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipes and manholes up to 4000mm (12′) diameter. In addition, the Jumbo also produces manhole products such as manhole rings and base units.

Concrete Products


The Jumbo can produce almost any infrastructural product, including:


Depending on the machine model, configuration, and the products being manufactured, the Jumbo can produce from 35,000 to 100,000 tons of product annually.


  • Jumbo RL1500
  • Jumbo R2000
  • Jumbo R2500
  • Jumbo R3000
  • Jumbo R3600
  • Jumbo R4000
BFS JumboBFS Jumbo RL1500BFS Jumbo R2000BFS Jumbo R2500BFS Jumbo R3000BFS Jumbo R3600BFS Jumbo R4000
Product Dimensions300mm (12") to 1500mm ( 60") diameter pipe
1100mm x 1100mm (42"x 42") max. square
700mm x 1400mm (32" x 56") max. rectangular
300mm (12") to 2000mm ( 78") diameter pipe
1500mm x 1500mm (60"x 60") max. square
900mm x 1800mm (36" x 72") max. rectangular
300mm (12") to 2500mm ( 98") diameter pipe
2000mm x 2000mm (78"x 78") max. square
1200mm x 2400mm (48" x 96") max. rectangular
300mm (12") to 3000mm ( 120") diameter pipe
2500mm x 2500mm 98"x 98") max. square
1600mm x 3000mm (64" x 120") max. rectangular
300mm (12") to 3600mm ( 142") diameter pipe
3000mm x 3000mm (120"x 120") max. square
1800mm x 3400mm (72" x134") max. rectangular
300mm (12") to 4000mm (156") diameter pipe
3400mm x 3400mm (134"x 134") max. square
2800mm x 3800mm (112" x150") max. rectangular
Product Lengthsup to 4000mm (40')up to 4000mm (40')up to 4000mm (40')up to 4000mm (40')up to 4000mm (40')up to 4000mm (40')

BFS Jumbo Machine Key Advantages

High Quality Concrete Products in All Sizes

While the BFS Jumbo is ideal for producing reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipe, the machine also allows for quick changeovers to produce almost any concrete product.  Here’s a brief overview of how the Jumbo system is able to maintain consistent levels of quality no matter the product size.

  • The rotating concrete feeding unit of the Jumbo together with rotating distribution conveyor belt efficiently transports concrete into the mold.
  • A frequency-controlled drive handles the uniform filling of the concrete to ensure optimal distribution for the specific concrete products being produced.
  • A central vibrator that contains several vibrator units, depending on concrete pipe length, gives intensive and continuous compaction.
Jumbo central core vibration

Powerful Central Vibration

There are many advantages to Jumbo’s multi-level central vibration system, including:

  • Hydraulic-quick-clamping system in every vibrator for fast conversion
  • Modular construction system for vibrator units for production of different concrete pipe lengths and optimal adaptability to the products
  • Generously calculated vibration forces and a standard number of revolutions of 4200 rpm guarantee intensive concrete compaction
  • Additionally equipped with a frequency converter or a frequency regulator for optimizing the concrete quality
  • Maintenance-friendly grease lubrication makes the process easy, reliable and problem-free
  • Vibration cross: rigid with quick clamping system
Jumbo concrete feeder

BFS Concrete Feeding System Options

  • Feeder with rotating feeder belt is a standard concrete feeding system available with CNC feeding track control, laser filling system and remote control
  • Feeder filling system with filling box and rotating distributor star. This system is for manhole base and septic tank rings that are fast filling without a cage.
  • Combi-feeder with cross movement. This is an exchangeable filling system filling box and rotating belt.
  • Feeding unit with rotating chute and scraper.
  • Feeder with height-adjustable distributor star designed for manhole and manhole base production.
Jumbo quick changover

Quick Changeovers with Jumbo

BFS Jumbo change-overs to concrete elements in different lengths can be accomplished in minutes utilizing a lifting frame with stable guiding columns and quick connectors to enable fast height adjustment.

  • Quick clamping device for inner mold/vibrating cross
  • Spigot former quick release

Manufacturing Options – BFS Jumbo Liner, BFS Jumbo Duo

Our Jumbo Liner system enables the production of PVC and HDPE-lined products, while Jumbo Duo combines the power of two Jumbos into one system for maximum production output.  Furthermore, with Jumbo Duo you can produce two different products simultaneously, optimizing your daily output.

Afinitas helps add more technology to meet your requirements:

Lifting, Tilting

Afinitas’s BFS brand offers many options, including:

  • Tilting device for base production
  • Lifting beam for double pit production
  • Single beam
  • Cross beam for big products
  • Single beam yoke with hydraulic load center adjustment (U-culvert production)
  • Hydraulic pipe claming and tilting device

 Lubrication System

The BFS lubrication system automates the handling of high temperature grease and has an indicator that alerts the operator when the lubricant is running low. This avoids vibrator damage and production delays. The system is completely controlled by a PLC.

 Vibration Table

With the BFS Jumbo you can choose from a steel spring suspension or air spring suspension vibration table system.


The BFS Jumbo-Finitec system creates a perfectly formed and exact length finish at the spigot end. The oscillating pressed steel spigot forming ring of Jumbo-Finitec is left on top of the product until the end of the curing phase ensuring an incredibly smooth spigot end and a precise contour. A specification far beyond the DIN 4034.1.


Laser Feed Control

With the BFS Jumbo laser feed control system the quantity and the level of the concrete is precisely controlled and distributed.


Contour Regulation

BFS Jumbo’s automated contour regulation enables the exact feeding of products with irregular sections. The system precisely feeds the concrete into every corner of the mold.



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